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REEF, Ripple Effect Entrepreneurs Fund, is a non-profit organization whose mission is to strengthen communities by stimulating its economic growth and supporting its businesses. Every successful business creates jobs, increases income, and adds revenue to its neighboring businesses.

REEF strives to be a catalyst for prosperity
which ripples through the communities it serves.


REEF’s roster of volunteer business experts educate, guide, and mentor business owners on the many technical aspects of business, such as accounting, human resources, regulations, marketing, technology, and operations.


REEF introduces and facilitates opportunities, enabling companies to expand their client base and strategic partnerships. Each introduction is vetted with consideration of the bigger picture, resulting in more successful outcomes.

and Growth

REEF’s carefully selected institutions fund companies that choose to join their incubation and acceleration programs. These programs are designed for businesses seeking rapid growth and require significant capital for expansion.


REEF utilizes an extensive network of banks, venture funds, and angel sources to assist businesses of all sizes with access to capital, securing the loans and investments the business requires to stabilize, expand, and flourish.

Meeting Spaces

REEF operates WeMeet, where businesses and individuals can meet and succeed. Our inviting spaces include conference rooms, lounges and sitting areas enabling an element of connectivity which serve our local businesses and communities.

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Board of Directors

Eli Fried, MBA

Eli Fried with his extensive knowledge has been providing financial and business advisory since 2007. Mr. Fried counsels personal and corporate clients on financial structuring, pension planning and maximizing their investment returns. From 2010- 2018, Eli was the Director of Finance at Oorah, a national charity based in Lakewood NJ. There he was responsible for financial strategy, investments, and founded Kars4kids’ real estate donation program, one of the nations’ largest and facilitated hundreds of charitable real estate gifts.

On a personal level, Eli is deeply rooted in the Lakewood community. He guides local families struggling with excessive debt and has volunteered for the Lakewood branch of Mesila USA, a financial counseling organization with chapters throughout the USA. He also influences the personal finances of thousands of families through a widely read weekly column in The Voice of Lakewood and his blog, Eli earned his Bachelor’s degree from Beth Medrash Govoha of Lakewood NJ, a Masters of Business Administration from Touro University and lives with his family in Lakewood NJ.

Rabbi Israel C Blumenthal

Rabbi Israel C Blumenthal is the Rabbi at the White Street Synagogue located in the REEF target market in Lakewood. His congregation primarily serves residents of the greater Lakewood area. Rabbi Blumenthal is a motivational speaker, and has close ties to the communities he serves. Rabbi Blumenthal aims to build relationships with community members, and incorporate the richness of spirituality into their lives in ways that speak to them most deeply and personally.

Rabbi Blumenthal is an engaging spiritual leader for learners of all ages, and is a respected and highly sought after consultant and advisor. Additionally, he is a very popular public speaker and blogger on matters of spirituality and personal growth. He resides in Lakewood with his family and wife, Esti, who is a well-respected educator in the local school system.

Adele Rosenberg

Adele Rosenberg, fondly known as Ada, is the President of Careers Made EZ. CME is a boutique recruitment firm designed to make job search and placement truly EZ for applicants and employers. Prior to starting her company, Ada has been directing talent acquisition departments for private companies in the Healthcare, Real Estate, Insurance and Services sectors for over 10 years. Ada’s goal is to make sure that talent and opportunity meet their match.

Ada is a native of New York, and pursued a career in recruitment because of her passion for helping others. Ada takes the time to guide, listen and direct applicants to ensure they find the right fit in the right industry. She enjoys analyzing skills and positions, and matching them up with precision. Ada strongly believes “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life”.

Ada, and her husband, Yaakov, along with their children reside in Lakewood, New Jersey, where they are active members of their local synagogue, schools, and community.

Connie Friedland

Connie Friedland, a founding member of REEF’s board brings with her over ten years of expertise in business management and administration. Connie currently holds the position of Director of Operations for Cedarcom and Cedar Management, she manages and directs the operations of the companies. Her specialty is taking a business vision and bringing it to fruition by developing an innovative business blueprint to bring the vision to reality, through her acquired talents and skill.

In addition to her board responsibilities Connie volunteers as a business mentor for REEF, assisting many businesses of all sizes with achieving their goals and aspirations. Connie has a special place in her heart for women-owned and underprivileged business entrepreneurship. Connie also finds the time to volunteer for Chai Lifeline, a non-profit organization that helps families of kids facing serious illness. It’s the community’s needs that are at the heart of Connie’s charitable activities.

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